Who is Alfa Kat?

“Your life is an art. Create it the way you’ve always imagined.” -Kaitlyn Alfaro

San Diego based, Kaitlyn Alfaro, is an independent self taught artist best known for her vibrant, dreamy, contemporary artwork and #Painting for a Cause. Since 2019, 5% of all her art sales is donated to a cause that she feels is important. Since she was 4 years old she was making art but it wasn’t until 2014 she began showcasing to the public. Her inspiration comes from dreams, nature, photography, and her emotions. Dreaming has always impacted her creativity. With a kindred spirit, she wanted to make a difference through her art for others and herself, hence, #Painting for a Cause was born.

“I have dreamed my entire life and almost always remember them every night. I have been lucid dreaming my entire existence. It’s so mysterious and intriguing, and I try to implement those same feelings of curiosity in my art. Whether it is the various types of music I am listening to, a dream I had the other night, or something happening in my current waking state, I try to capture it and transform it like an alchemist. I love hearing what people feel or see when they are drawn to a certain piece. Most of the time, whatever feeling I had creating a piece, that the viewer is drawn to it and experiencing that same exact feeling I had during the creation. It is extremely amazing — pure alchemy! The power of art is incredible yet so mysterious. It is so necessary to create from our souls. Our life is a masterpiece.”

She found her strength, healing, and voice through her paintings. Each piece she creates is meant to communicate these traits and inspire viewers to dive into their dreams. In 2014, she began to create under the alias, Alfa Kat, which has become her brand for all her artistic and design endeavors. She loves experimenting and trying new mediums, because “art is all about experimenting and expressing yourself,” she said. She enjoys using acrylic paints, watercolors, spray paints, pens, and gold leaf.


  • Ink spot grand opening featured artist - Sacramento, CA 2014
  • Ocean Beach farmers market - San Diego, CA 2014-2015
  • Cuyamaca College Fine Arts Exhibition featured artist - El Cajon, CA 2015
  • Van Go Art Exhibition in Little Italy featured artist - San Diego, CA 2015
  • RAW artists at House of Blues featured artist - San Diego, CA 2016
  • Brick by Brick featured artist - San Diego, CA 2016
  • Top Artists featured artist - La Jolla, CA 2016
  • La Bodega gallery Venus an All Women Art Exhibition featured artist - San Diego, CA 2018-2019
  • Soul Reflection solo exhibition created by Kaitlyn Alfaro - San Diego, CA 2018
  • Kava Lounge featured artist - San Diego, CA 2018
  • Studio artist at The Studio Door Contemporary Gallery - San Diego, CA 2019-Current
  • KPBS and NPR interview - San Diego, CA 2019
  • SD Voyager interview - San Diego, CA 2019
  • Sand Cloud mural in Pacific Beach with Jared Lazar - San Diego, CA 2019
  • Art Takeover at Hosteling International - San Diego, CA 2020